Alexa Baumgartner

09 1st, 2000

University Assistant

Alexa Baumgartner (*1985, Bolzano) studied architecture in Innsbruck and Eindhoven. For her master‘s thesis, she compared Moshe Safdie‘s Habitat’67 in Montreal and its first design from 1964 with the Ziggurat of Leopold Gerstel from 1962. Thus, she is part of the international research project on the Israeli architect Gerstel at the Insitute of Architectural Theory in collaboration with Mathieu Wellner. Her master’s thesis was priced with the START scholarship for architecture and design by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture. Since spring 2013 she is teaching at the Institute of Architectural Theory and researches in the field of the body in architecture, fashion and design of the Austrian avant-garde of the 1960s and 70s. Next to her teaching and research experience she gained work experience in different architectural offices and works currently at “Stadtlabor Architekten” in Innsbruck.

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  1. Pepi Maier says:

    Sehr geehrte Frau Alexa Baumgartner
    könnten sie mir den Kontakt zu Bart Lootsma herstellen.
    möchte nur fragen ob ich einen Text verwenden darf den er 1988 geschrieben hat. Hab ihm schon geschrieben aber bis
    jetzt keine Antwort. Mein Name ist Pepi Maier da kennt er sich
    Vielen Dank
    Beste Grüße

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