SE Special Section of Architectural Theory / Anna Luison

09 7th, 2021


Since the spring of 2020, when the first lockdown began, life turned to the inside. During this difficult period, our increasingly saturated homes have hosted a wide variety of functions and activities. Factors that have exploited, stretched and tested the limits and potential of the domestic space, bringing it back to the attention of the architectural community and the general public once again.

Socio-cultural, economic and architectural processes, already in place before the pandemic crisis, have thus undergone an exponential amplification: the hybridization of production and consumption spaces, the fusion and overlap of the private sphere with the public one, the interconnection and interdependence of material and digital forces.

Generally considered as an introverted space, disconnected and in opposition to the outside world, the domestic space has not only been affected by these transformations, but has also contributed to their creation. It is at the level of the interior, in its organization, spatial distribution, and in the objects that colonize this space, that these relationships are articulated. Looking at these phenomena from a broader perspective, the interconnection between domestic space and media, particularly digital media, emerges as a fundamental prerequisite for understanding the topic.

Through the reading of key texts and the analysis of past and present interior projects and installations this seminar will explore the evolution of the domestic space and its active role in the definition and establishment of social and architectural transformations.

First meeting Group 1: 11.10.21 at 17:15 / Studio Architekturtheorie

Language of instruction for Group 1: English
Image: Home.Invisible Landscapes, MAIO Architects, 2018

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