Excursion B EX–MOS / Madina Cherchesova & Leonid Slonimskiy

02 1st, 2018

Moscow is the biggest city on the European continent. In the course of time, it has gathered the most radical and unique examples of architecture, from the time of the zars, over Constructivism and Stalinism to contemporary architecture. We will see pompous palaces and avantgarde gems, brutalist social housing and classicist skyscrapers, postmodern ‘weirdos’ and contemporary buildings by star architects. The excursion is organised by Leonid Slonimsky and Madina Cherchesova, both born Russians, who will give us a unique insight in this fascinating metropolis. Also we will visit some of the best contemporary Russian offices, such as the studios of Alexander Brodsky, Kosmos Architects and Meganom, key architectural universites, Strelka, and museums.

Date: August 1st until August 10th 2018

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