SE M Design Theory / Kanokwan Trakulyingcharoen

02 1st, 2018

Fluidity and Eddy in the act of design

The concepts of “fluidity” has been recurring frequently in design theory and contemporary art– with particular intensity in the 1990s. The seminar will focus on the debates regarding a dynamic relationship between “fluidity” and “eddy,” or in another word– an observation on a flow of design and the tension between the flow and the invisible/visible and accidentally/intentionally-situated obstacles in an act of design. The aim of discussion is to explore through the “soft” learning approaches– with a concern that the knowledge-based learning approach can be obsolete in the near future– to understand, explore, and reformulate the act of design in the digital age. Some selected excerpts of the basic texts on media theory, philosophy of technology and design theories will be read, analyzed, interpreted, and discussed in the seminar.

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