SE Special Section of Architectural Theory / Bettina Siegele

09 7th, 2021

Alternative ways of making architecture

The seminar deals with alternative practices of architectural production and includes various thematic units such as appropriation, squatting, performance, participation, mediation, and subversion. Restrictive terms such as “architectural” and “architecture” are expanded by the freer and more open term “space”, which also opens the field for a variety of different producers of space. The aim is to dissolve the self-defined boundaries of architecture and to stimulate a rethinking of the role of architects, space, and architecture itself.

The seminar uses traditional architectural theoretical methods such as viewing, analysing, interpreting, speculating, and discussing, for which various texts and podcasts serve as  basis.

First meeting: 09.11.2021 at 10 am at Studio Architekturtheorie

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