Architectural Theory M / Bart Lootsma

03 13th, 2017

Over the last twenty years new technologies have changed our lives. Also the urban landscape changed immensely. New media and a drastically increased individual mobility have altered the way we perceive, use and inhabit it. This has begun to change its structure from within. Digital technologies revolutionize architecture as a profession. They change the design process, the production and the way architecture appears. Architecture has become part of the media industry, with all consequences.

“Reality Bytes” brings together a selection of essays on these themes and issues, written by Bart Lootsma and before published only scattered over different magazines and books in different languages.

“In the writings of Bart Lootsma theory never speaks for itself, and neither does the lived experience; instead they inform each other in an interdependent manner. Lootsma acknowledges in many instances throughout the book that our human existence is at least as much about desire and fantasy as it is about truth and reason. “We need to understand”, says Lootsma, “the influence of the new media, not only to be informed and be able to avoid traffic jams, but also to know where we are and where we want to go. They trigger our desire. They tell us not only where to buy, but also where to meet and where to kiss. They are a crucial part of public space.””
(Roemer van Toorn)


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