SE Architectural Criticism / Melanie van der Hoorn

03 5th, 2019

Mélanie van der Hoorn gives students an insight into her ongoing research. Her book “Bricks & Balloons: Architecture in Comic-Strip Form” was published in 2012 and her successor “Spots in Shots: Narrating the Built Environment in Short Films”. 2019 marks the start of the third part of this research project on ‘architectural games’ (covering both ‘analogue’, ‘tactile’ games and videogames). This seminar will focus on the question of what different media can mean for architecture. To what extent do they allow us to communicate architecture in an accessible, efficient and challenging way? The focus is on narrative aspects. Not only the architecture itself, but also the stories ‘behind’ the architecture will be shown and told from different perspectives. How can emotions and sensual perceptions be conveyed? How can the audience be made to think? How can viewers and listeners themselves become part of a story, feel addressed and perhaps even take the initiative?

Image: Schaub Filmproduktion GmbH

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