SE Design Theory / Davide Tommaso Ferrando

03 5th, 2019

Architecture into the Universe of Social Networks

Since the 1990s, the relationship between architecture and media has become the object of interest of a growing community of scholars and designers. Nevertheless, the vast majority of researches on the topic tend to address traditional media such as books, magazines and fanzines. Therefore, an important question emerges: how do Internet and social media affect architecture? Gathering literature from different fields, the seminar will focus on theoretical debates regarding the influence of digital communication technologies on cultural production. Exemplary case studies in the fields of art and architecture will also be debated. The aim of the seminar is to provide a first understanding of the current “Post-Internet” condition, while exploring its potential for architectural thinking and design. Selected essays and excerpts on media, art, architecture and social theory will be read, analyzed, interpreted, and discussed. Social media-friendly ways of recording the students work will be experimented.

Image: Tomás Saraceno – On Air

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