SE Gender Mainstreaming in Architecture / Alexa Baumgartner

03 5th, 2019

The discussion about gender and sexuality in architecture is influenced by the dualistic model: woman and man, interior and exterior, object and subject, emotional and rational, body and mind, nature and technology, tradition and innovation. At least since the movements of the 1968ies, it is tried to dissolve this dualistic approach and expand the idea of traditional gender.

The central question of the seminar will be whether the change of architecture can influence the gender discussion and possibly produce a gender-neutral reality. How and based on which tools is this possible? Starting with a look back in history, we will investigate these issues until present times and discuss them based on central theses and texts from feminist theories, gender and queer studies and examples of architecture, fashion, art, film and literature.

Starting from the hypothesis that there is no gender-neutral reality, the strategy of gender mainstreaming aims for gender equality in all areas of society. The seminar deals with issues and practices of representation, construction and deconstruction of gender and controversial points in discussions concerning gender equality in the context of architecture.

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