VO Cultural Studies / Mathieu Wellner

10 15th, 2019

“The work that cultural studies has to do, is to mobilize everything that it can find in terms of intellectual resources in order to understand what keeps making the life we live, and the societies we live in, profoundly and deeply anti-humane.” (Stuart Hall, 1992)

In Cultural Studies, cultural, social, political and media phenomena are analyzed with an open method and in theoretical versatility. Culture, identity and power are inseparably correlated here. Starting from aspects of cultural studies and based on further theories of cultural studies, the lectures span the bridge from everyday culture to building culture and supplement it with examples from architecture.

Topics of the lectures:
Cultural Studies, Everyday Culture, Individualization, Semiotics, Public, Identity, Popular Culture, Kitsch, Power, Control, Hybridity, Utopia, Building Culture.

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