After Nature / Bart Lootsma

09 23rd, 2019

During the exhibition Schönheit vor Weisheit, Das Wissen der Kunst und die Kunst der Wissenschaft (Beauty before Wisdom, The Knowledge of Art and the Art of Science), in Fall and Winter 2019/2020, the department for architectural theory at the University of Innsbruck, works in the Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck. Architectural theory, as a hybrid discipline, perfectly fits the curators’ idea that “art and science are two fields that both compete with and complement each other”, opening up an exciting field “where art and science meet and influence each other”. The curators believe that art is too often judged in a simplistic way according to its relationship to nature (as in “after nature”), where in reality it is exactly this relationship that is explored in any interesting work. Also architecture has a long tradition of different theories rooting it in nature, which we explore and develop in our work.

Full PDF under: Bart Lootsma_After Nature_Brochure Version_20190923

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