SM 2021

Summer Semester 2021

EX Excursion: VIENNA / Bart Lootsma, Tim Altenhof, Eleni Boutsika Palles

Our excursion this summer will bring us to Vienna, where we’ll stroll not only through the inner city, discovering some of the gems designed by the Austrian Avant-Garde, but also venture out to explore housing projects from the modern period to the present, spanning the Werkundsiedlung as well as IBA Wien. Every now and then, […]

SE Architectural Criticism / Davide Tommaso Ferrando

Nowadays, everyone has free and immediate access to architectural works, just as everyone has the free and immediate possibility to say or write something about them.

EP Entwurfsstudio 2: Goodbye to Language / Eleni Boutsika-Palles, Bart Lootsma

The theme of the Master Studio of in the Summer Semester of 2021 is “Goodbye to Language” and will be taught by Eleni Boutsika-Palles and Bart Lootsma. We will make a series of films tracing aspects of architecture that cannot be expressed in drawings or language. And even though we will start the semester […]