The chair for architectural theory is operated within the framework of the architectural faculty of the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck and employs an excellent programme for advanced studies and research ranging from substantial cultural theories to essential scientific, curative and media skills in the realm of architecture, city and landscape. On that scope, prospective architects gain professional expertise in the conceptual and communicative aspects of architecture whereas complementary education programmes are offered to support future careers that reflect in particular the cultural challenges of architecture: to be found in the field of architectural theory, architectural history and architectural journalism. As a consequence, the chair employs an academic programme based on specific projects which aim to engage with books, exhibitions, websites etc. while enhancing to carry forward individual theoretical substance in the phase of realisation.
The programmatic conception of the course is of central importance, bringing architecture into an operative relationship with urbanity and landscape. Through a wide range of lectures, seminars and projects, the course provides the close examination of essential theoretical treatises and debates in architecture. It recognises first and foremost differentiated modes of how theoreticians have perceived the complex interrelation of architecture, urbanity and landscape, thus drawing on the unique reflections of social, philosophical and cultural concepts in architecture.

VO Architectural Theory 2 / Bart Lootsma

In this course, students gain insight into the political, ideological, artistic and philosophical contexts of architecture, urban planning and landscape in the first half of the 20th century. Students develop skills in how critical analyses, theoretical strands or approaches can be derived from the positions presented. This academic year, the lectures Architectural Theory 2 and […]

EP Design Studio 3: ArchiComicals / Giacomo Pala, Bettina Siegele, Eleni Boutsika Palles

Playfulness: The irony, the comical, the grotesque and the marvel, the fantastic, the joke, the gimmickry, and the absurd transformation of things. These are going to be the keywords accompanying us throughout this year's Bachelor studio at architectural theory.

SE Architectural Criticism / Davide Tommaso Ferrando

Contemporary Practices I  Nowadays, everyone has free and immediate access to architectural works, just as everyone has the free and immediate possibility to say or write something about them. Digital platforms, websites, webzines, blogs, curated archives, Pinterest boards, Instagram profiles, Facebook groups, YouTube channels, Apps, Videogames… all these and other tools have expanded the quantity, […]

SE Gender Studies / Katerina Haller

GenderSpace – Feminist strategies in space production and appropriation of space.The course analyzes the interconnection of gender, race and class along key texts, blogs and artistic interventions in public space.  How is built the city? What are regulations and exclusions – where are gaps? These issues will be reflected along the interdisciplinary gender studies and […]

SE Special Section of Architectural Theory / Tim Altenhof

In 1644, the Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli built the first mercury barometer showing that air could be weighed. His conclusion that “we live submerged at the bottom of a sea of air” was a direct corollary to his invention. Everything we do and build and think takes place in this aeriform ocean, which, often held […]

EX Excursion Vienna / Nina Rattensperger, Bart Lootsma

Our excursion takes this semester place in beautiful Vienna! In September, we would like to give you a look behind the scenes in museums and of course at architectural highlights. (Housing) projects of the turn of the century, the 20ies, as well as newer, contemporary projects will be on the program, we are looking forward […]

VO Architectural Theory 1 / Bettina Schlorhaufer

Each lecture is dedicated to a specific topic, e. g.”How the Other Half Lives”, “socialist Utopists”, “Americanness”, “Bentham’s panopticon”, etc. Presentation of the respective theme and the most important participants in the respective discourse in connection with the corresponding major works, the main features, and stations of their reception. Development of a fundamental base for […]

EP Design Studio 3 / Bart Lootsma, Bettina Schlorhaufer, Giacomo Pala, Bettina Siegele

Hypnerotomachia Naturae The term Hypnerotomachia comes from the history of literature. In 1499 an author named Francesco Colonna, whose identity remains mysterious to this day, published a novel entitled “Hypnerotomachia Poliphili”. This is a work that deals with a special kind of love dream – rather the struggle for love in a dream. In his dream, […]

SE Advanced Architectural Theory: OUT OF SCALE / Eleni Boutsika Palles

In this seminar we will engage with architectural and artistic projects that reframe our perceptions of the environments we inhabit using scale shifts. With a special focus on the translation of theoretical concepts into spatial probes, we will look into examples from art and architecture where familiar objects or actions are displaced from their original […]

SE Curatorial Practices / Nina Tabassomi

The seminar gives insights into exhibition making with special attention to the staging of rooms. How are exhibitions of contemporary art created? How does the programming come about, how does the work with artists proceed, according to which aspects are the decisions for temporary exhibition architecture made and how is it implemented? In addition to […]

EP Design Studio M1 / Bart Lootsma, Eleni Boutsika, Melanie van der Hoorn

Story Telling / Scenario Planning Over the last decade, storytelling has become an important tool in architecture and urbanism and films and moving content in general are increasingly important in the communication of architecture.  According to Jeffrey Inaba, in his editorial to the special issue of Volume dedicated to storytelling, Storytelling has become so important […]

SE Sonderkapitel der Architekturtheorie / Marco Russo

How much theory can architecture take? Or to put it another way: How can philosophical and cultural theoretical approaches help prospective architects in their understanding and handling of architecture? This course is first and foremost a theory clubbing. The aim is to get to know different positions and to reflect and discuss them with regard […]