Pre-Diploma / Bart Lootsma

02 1st, 2022

Pre Diploma Architectural Theory


The Pre-Diploma Studio in Architectural Theory focuses on architectural historical and theoretical topics and methods. It prepares students for a Master’s thesis in architectural theory or history in English or German. In most cases, the result will be a written thesis in the form of a book. However, in some cases a film, a website, an exhibition or installation can be a more appropriate result. Apart from studying appropriate literature, also investigating an architectural or urban reality by means of mapping or recorded interviews can be the basis for the thesis.

The course is taught in collaboration with Anna Luison, who teaches Presentation and Communication. Presentation and Communication are two of the essences of architectural theory and history and thus cannot be separated from the thesis.

Examples can be found at  and It is also possible to produce a video, website, installation or similar in addition to the book.

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