SE Selected Topics in Architecture / Nina Rattensperger

02 1st, 2022

“Pao I”, is a mobile package, for nomadic women in Tokyo. Developed by Toyo Ito
In 1989, this project creates an escape from Tokyo society in two ways. First, in a physical sense, as the resident is able to carry her “Pao” and place it wherever she wants. Secondly, in a mental sense, as the information provided in the “Paos” creates a technological nomad.

Thus, in the “Paos”, besides a bed, a table or a chair, the most important thing collected in the system is information. Toyo Ito says the nomadic women need to know what is happening in the world in order to find and orient themselves in a city.
Transforming shelter and moving environments are not always pictured in the common image of nomadic life.
Each of us has a certain image of a nomad, but what is this nomadism, and how does the territory of these nomadic ideas relate to the classical image of nomadism? Do we live in a nomadic society today?

This seminar explores infinite projects and ideas of the past in different scales and formats.

Start: Monday, March 14th


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