de is the department for architectural theory of the University of Innsbruck, headed by Bart Lootsma. also publishes the websites architecturaltheory.txt and

architecturaltheory.txt is a webzine with publications on architecture and culture : essays, papers, books, research projects , dissertations and habilitations written by the members of and their affiliations. is a video based webzine about architecture and culture and features documentaries, interviews, lectures, symposia and congresses and all of the lecture series at the University of Innsbruck.

Hypnerotomachia Naturae / Giacomo Pala

Giacomo Pala about the dream of nature and the need to think about a possible answer to the question if it possible to imagine a kind of theory going beyond the critical model. 

Booklet Connected/Augmented/Fictional

The symposium Connected/Augmented/Fictional, on some of the many relationships between architecture and digital media, takes place in the spaces of in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Innsbruck, Technikerstraße 21. We are happy to have a prominent selection of lecturers both from Austria and abroad, a screening of Johannes Mücke’s film UI – […]

SE Architectural Criticism / Melanie van der Hoorn

Mélanie van der Hoorn gives students an insight into her ongoing research. Her book “Bricks & Balloons: Architecture in Comic-Strip Form” was published in 2012 and her successor “Spots in Shots: Narrating the Built Environment in Short Films”. 2019 marks the start of the third part of this research project on ‘architectural games’ (covering both […]

SE Architectural Mediation / Megens Manon

The mediation of architectural subject matter to politicians, media, industry and the general public. The aim of this seminar is to gain insights into the field of architecture mediation and architecture communication through theoretical discussion and discussion as well as through research, case studies and interviews. The insights gained will be critically discussed and then implemented […]

After Nature / Bart Lootsma

During the exhibition Schönheit vor Weisheit, Das Wissen der Kunst und die Kunst der Wissenschaft, in Fall and Winter 2019/2020, the department for architectural theory at the University of Innsbruck, works in the Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck. An introduction to our project.

Symposium: Connected/Augmented/Fictional

On the ninth of April 2019, organizes a symposium on different relationships between architecture and digital media, whether it’s the impact of the Internet, the ability to add meaning and atmospheres, or the opportunities to make invisible things visible and create fictions. Digital technology encompasses such a vast field today that in architecture it […]

SE Architectural Theory M / Bart Lootsma

European architectural theory has a long tradition that goes back at least to Vitruvius. The academic institutionalization of architectural theory in Europe, however, is a relatively new phenomenon that only began in 1967 in Germany and Switzerland, and in the United States at the end of the 1970s. In the summer semester of 2019, Architekturtheorie […]

SE The Theory of Art / Thomas Feuerstein

REAL ART In recent years, biological organisms, methods from the sciences and “real” processes are increasingly becoming the material of art. Regardless of tendencies of a new realism in philosophy, questions arise about a new realism in art: how do the new correspondences between art and science, fact and fiction, construct themselves in contemporary art […]

UI – Soon we will all be One

Tuesday April 9 2019, architectural presents a screening of Johannes Mücke’s short film UI – Soon we will all be One. When hard-bitten ranger Kira is sent out on another patrol mission, she discovers a mysterious, large object in the vastness of Antarctica. Little does she know that inside this object waits a lethal trap […]

EP Design Studio M1 / Bart Lootsma, Bettina Siegele

Space production and heterotopias The Master Studio offered by Architekturtheorie deals with architectural heterotopias: Constellations of spaces with specific scenarios, programs, atmospheres, lifestyles and freedoms that form spaces for specific subcultures, lifestyles and individuals. The studio consists of 3 sections. In the first section texts are read together and summarized concerning spatial production and heterotopias. […]

SE Gender Mainstreaming in Architecture / Alexa Baumgartner

The discussion about gender and sexuality in architecture is influenced by the dualistic model: woman and man, interior and exterior, object and subject, emotional and rational, body and mind, nature and technology, tradition and innovation. At least since the movements of the 1968ies, it is tried to dissolve this dualistic approach and expand the idea […]

SE Design Theory / Davide Tommaso Ferrando

Architecture into the Universe of Social Networks Since the 1990s, the relationship between architecture and media has become the object of interest of a growing community of scholars and designers. Nevertheless, the vast majority of researches on the topic tend to address traditional media such as books, magazines and fanzines. Therefore, an important question emerges: […]